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Length    75 cm           € 1.820 - 2.100
Height    74 cm             
Width    24 cm           

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In 1898, the first prawn and shell-fish fishing boats appeared in the North Sea to capture these delicious crustaceous fish which were to be found almost exclusively in that area at that time.

10 Years later, 8-12 HP motors were added to these boats which generally had a 33 feet length. They were so successful however, that a great number of very small ship-builders spread almost along the entire length of the North Sea coast, and as more power was gradually introduced, the boats also increased in size and became more modern for bigger catches.

The BENSERSIEL was built of wood in 1952 in a small and unknown shipyard in North Friesland. The timber frames were actually cut from previously drawn standard plates and the superstructure and rigging was made according to the particular demands of the fishing crews. A 60 HP Diesel motor was added.

The BENSERSIEL was used exclusively in this trade amund the eastern Friesland coast until 1979 when this type of fishing had become unprofitable. Two years later, some fundamental changes were made to it, so as to act as a tourist ship along that coastline, performing its new trade with great success still today.

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En 1898 on vit apparaître les premiers cotres à voile pour la pêche aux crevettes et crustacés, pêche qui n'existait alors pratiquement que dans la Mer du Nord.

Dix ans plus tard, ces bateaux avajent déjà des moteurs dc 8-12 CV et leur longueur était d'environ 10 mètres.

Ils connurent un tel succès que grand nombre de petits chantiers navals en construisirent de semblables tout le long de la Mer du Nord. Avec l'essor de la mécanisation, des cotres plus grands et plus modernes furent mis en service.

De BENSERSIEL fut construit en bois en 1952 dans un petit chantier naval peu connu du nord de la Frise. Les armatures en bois de la coque furent bâtis suivant des modèles standards, alors que la superstructure et le gréement étaient faits suivant les demandes des pêcheurs. Il avait un moteur Diesel de 60 CV.

Le BENSERSIEL était utilisé exclusivement pour ce type de pêche autour de la côte Est de la Frise jusqu'en 1979 où il cessa ses activités de pêche car il n'était plus rentable. Deux ans plus tard, il fut modifié et converti en bâteau d'excursion pour les touristes, longeant les côtes, ce qu'il fait encore de nos jours avec succès.


Each ship model is made by hand with hundreds of man-hours. Depending on the complexity of the ship please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. Models are shipped safely with specially designed packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.